The Aptitude Myth examines prevailing American beliefs about children, learning, schooling, and parenting. Where did they come from? And do they have any scientific basis? Join Dr. Grove as he answers these questions by digging into the historical record to reveal how these ancient beliefs came to undermine American children’s learning today.


Cornelius N. Grove‘s mission has been to explain to Americans the historical and cultural reasons for their children’s comparatively mediocre performance in schools and classrooms.

In The Aptitude Myth (2013), he reveals the deep historical origins of Americans’ belief that a child’s inborn ability, rather than his persistent effort, determines his level of school performance. He then traces the spread of this myth across Europe and into 20th century America.

In The Drive to Learn, published in May 2017, Dr. Grove reveals the deep cultural reasons why American children’s learning in school is consistently below world-class standards. He does this by comparing American students with those in East Asia. Website


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